A Michigan father has filed a federal lawsuit against Mount Pleasant Public Schools after a teacher cut his biracial daughter's hair. 

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Yeah, pretty sure teachers aren't allowed to do that.


people need to start burning down public school in the night. There's no reason anyone should put their children in the hands of the commie state. All the parents that do are absolute shitty parents.


Dear Mr.. Nick Gilbertson of Breitbart, I followed this story when it first happened, and two significant facts you got wrong here are - A) The child's mother was not involved whatseoever in the original attempt to correct the uneven hack out of her hair by another student (who had likely done it out of cruel envy of her beautiful hair). It was not the "parents" who took her to a salon to get it "evened out". It was the father alone, who took her to some salon. B) The salon, who could not put back what had been taken off, took a few snips, leaving it highly UNEVEN, and told the kid it was high fashion, (after all, all the antifa lesbians are doing it), and charged her father a pretty penny. C) As the child, no dummy, was still crying at school the next day, because she knew she still looked like a freak, the librarian, who works on the side as a licensed beautician, offered the kid another haircut, and the child accepted, grateful for someone with a motherly touch to get involved. So the next day, she brought in the tools of the trade, and evened up the child's hair, albeit necessarily short. Her only real mistake was not calling the father and assuming he'd be on board with making the child happy. D) The child was happy until she got home and her father flew into a rage, because 1) the big money he'd spent on the antifa hair salon had been wasted, and 2) he'd been made a fool of.

By now the child's hair has largely grown out, but now is the start of the new school year, and everyone there knows what a fool he is, having been taken by the uglification salon. That's what this lawsuit is really all about.


Looks like two firings are in order. Or shave one half of their hair off and make them wear it that way for the entire school year. Maybe just the center, or down the middle. Or (symbolically) the left side.

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