A Bronx man has been charged with murder after he allegedly chased down an attempted burglary suspect and beat him to death with a metal pipe.

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“Bronx Suspect Charged with Murder for Beating Alleged Robber to Death with Metal Pipe”

  • Utter bullshit. When the rule of law fails, and that subhuman predator is let out amongst the people to victimize us over, and over, and over again, vigilantism is a natural and wholly sanctioned development.

We need a revolution.


"However, the NYPD told reporters that the alleged robber did have an extensive criminal background."

There you go. They don't learn their lesson, and yet we continue to allow them to leave, but we put people in jail for non violent offenses that doesn't involve another person.

Our justice system is fucked up.


"Reports noted that Shavuo was also wanted for a shooting in Baltimore, Maryland."

That right there should automatically throw the case out, he was a violent fugitive from justice.

No sympathy!


enjoy your stay in lefttardopia!!


The guy should be getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom award!!......next


Should've thrown the body in the river instead of calling the cops.


"Joel Paul, 27, was accused of beating to death 26-year-old Shamel Shavuo with a baseball bat and stabbing him after he reportedly tried to force his way into Paul’s house."

What do you expect when you take away their 2nd amendment rights? You sound shocked that they defended themselves.


Man uses pipe instead of gun Seems he did what Deblasios law of no guns and gets murder charge criminal uses gun gets a pass


He did Murder the criminal, I understand it, but don't condone it!

I understand the system is LOADED with Leftist Shit Judges.

I still have to answer for MY TRANSGRESSIONS one day! ONLY to defend Life is it OK to kill another!

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2019-04-Sa 03:04:52 pm

He did Murder the criminal, I understand it, but don't condone it!


That's murder. I'm for the rule of law.

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