An activist speaking at Black Lives Matter Plaza asked how long before "people are really ready to get blood on their hands" to make change happen.

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blm inciting violence and lawlessness, murder and destruction.

When will they be labeled a terrorist organization and their funds seized, their 'spokespeople' arrested?


While pantyfa gangster it up holding their glocks sideways and crab walking with their AK over their head, the rest of us, with stockpiles of ammo and practiced shots will patient wait to pop heads and shoot center mass. The better question to his BLMTIFA comrades should be, "who's ready to die like fools in the street to trained and confident opponents?"

Do these fools think we just oil our guns and look at them? As the saying goes, there's a gun behind every blade of grass, and whether its a foreign army or state sponsored domestic terrorists they'll find that saying is an understatement, more like 5 guns behind every blade of grass.

Be careful what you wish for, commie scum.


Then, finally you and your deranged followers will be dead, hospitalized, jailed etc.. If your crybaby, megaphone blaring, phony threats ever end, and you're really serious about engaging in a more formidable way, bring it, see what it gets you Mr. Rahim B.

"Let a man meet a bear robbed of her cubs, Rather than a fool in his folly." Proverbs 17:12


He may get his wish, but I doubt it will turn out as he expects.

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