The AP recently issued a correction to a report alleging that 70% of poison control cases in Mississippi were linked to the drug ivermectin.

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Clear as mud!

Why can't "reporters" give proper & complete numbers?

ie: Mississippi Poison Control receives an average of 2~3 calls a month about the use of Ivermectin in livestock.

Last month they logged 3.4~5 calls - a 70% increase.

They also reported 1 call regarding it's use in humans.

Mississippi’s Population in 2020 was 2,967,297 (almost 3 million).

Brietbarts "corrective" article did NOT correct anything clearly...

Percentages = scare tactics, even in this "corrective" article.


And the Enemedia is shocked when we dismiss them as Fake News and propaganda.


No one believes the globalist shills any longer.


First mistake is reading the AP.


We just need to keep getting out there and exposing the lies and we need to keep doing things like the Texas abortion law--not because we agree or disagree with abortion, but because we know that there are emotional issues that drive liberals nuts and they chicken switch us constantly on things that matter to us so we need to start returning the favor on freaking steroids.

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