Republican senators sharply criticized federal court nominee Beth Robinson this week for her alleged hostility toward religious liberty.

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Reject her. She is not fit to serve.

[Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said Robinson’s legal brief in the case contained “strong and even incendiary language” toward the Bakers’ Catholic faith. Among other things, Robinson referred to the Bakers’ pro-life beliefs as “invidious” and “pernicious.”

Cruz said he was concerned about Robinson’s record as both an LGBT-rights advocate and a Vermont Supreme Court justice, saying it “demonstrates a marked hostility towards religious liberty.”]


the left hates religion loves the state as infallable gods. make total logical sense, same people would mock you for similar stuff, and go ask any christian if they think the current pope is infallable at fucking all.

these marxist dimwit pseudo intellectual dipshits are not judges or bureaucrats they are cancer.


Lesbians are not men but they pretend they are

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2021-05-Su 08:05:07 am

Lesbians are sick, sick people and do a lot of damage

2021-40-Su 08:40:05 am

Lesbians are sick people and do a lot of damage. They hate men.


Regime needs to place these operatives in Judge's positions so that they can thwart the peoples will, as just happened in North Carolina where two Regime Judges overturned their photo id law, because the perverts said that it was "restrictive".

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