Media darling Greta Thunberg has agreed that she's "just saying blah blah blah" on climate change, arguing "that's the role of an activist".

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Her role? She is a fucking CHILD who has likely never had a blister in her fucking life.

Tell you what you little CUNT.

Plant 10,000 Trees... Actually put in the WORK to fix the environment.

Shut the fuck up, and actually DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!

Bitching at everyone, while have NEVER taken any real action yourself, makes you just another fucking retarded KAREN!


Her role is to be a false idol spreading false hope for false fears... at a VERY steep price!


An activist is much more than blah blah blah blah. An activist is an activist because they can prove what they are telling people is true. For example, I can prove the earth is flat and therefore I'm an activist and I have no problem telling people about it. With simple sphere trigonometry I can literally destroy the helio centric model less than five minutes and debunk the unjustified funded theology of NASA.

I wonder if Greta is due for her 33rd degree masonic promotion. She's stood before her masters at the UN, like going before a board peer review for something meritorious to be rewarded.

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