Nearly one-quarter of frontline NHS staff in London have so far refused to take a vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus.

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People were denied inexpensive repurposed, safe and effective treatments while awaiting the much more expensive monoclonals, antivirals, and vaccines. This is ample reason not to trust those who offer these newer costly options, as well as the options themselves. Whole populations were put on house arrest, though no type of evidence suggested that locking down those were not sick would help to contain the virus. The logic used by many officials to determine the distribution of vaccines is often completely nonsensical. It is quite reasonable to avoid seeking remedies and vaccines from those who have squandered their honor and reputations by rubberstamping and promulgating bad health policies. The permanent mistrust engendered by the COVID debacle will depopulate humanity much more than COVID ever could, by reducing utilization of health care, by diminishing the placebo effect, and by reduced respect for the advice of health care professionals

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