The superior general of the Jesuits said that no country has the right to turn away migrants, claiming the land belongs to everyone.

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"The superior general of the Jesuits declared this week that no country has the right to turn away migrants, claiming the land belongs to everyone."

Great! Screw taxes, since this country doesn't really belong to me. I just wish someone would come and mow the grass in front of the house I live in. Hell, I ain't going to do it if I don't really own it.


Yes, pervo, they do. Now fuck off.


And that is why Jesuits are irrelevant and can choke and die in a hole they have dug for themselves.


There is no reason to take in rapefugees in the first place, so shove it. Fix your corrupt Church before trying to fix our country.


The jesuit chief also explained that no child had a right to reject the sexual advances of jesuits.

I don't listen to celebrities, politicians, pedophiles or the media they are all globalist subsidiaries.


Neo Marxism will destroy the church


You know, I probably would have converted to Catholicism by now, if only the priests, bishops, pope, and other church leadership actually believed and preached what the church supposedly stands for. Instead far too many seem to be nothing more than leftist who do their activism while waving a crucifix, like it gives the bullshit they spew special legitimacy.

Plus, 'effing Jesuits.


Superior General of the #Jesuits Reveals his Stupidity

Father Arturo Sosa Abascal should focus on spreading the #Gospel rather opining about politics. Stupidly, Abascal has said, “Those who live in a given territory have no right to turn away migrants because they have no absolute right to that territory. They do not own it; the goods of the land are for everyone.”

Mankind settled on a great sorting mechanism for territory many millennia ago. That mechanism is called war.

Men of a race (tribe) have the absolute right to the land they can defend.

Abascal is immature and bad at propaganda.

The #RomanCatholicChurch is hellbent at destroying the #WhiteRaces of #Europe.

#RCC #immigration #IllegalImmigration #ImmigrationKills #ImmigrationDestroys #politics


Let this panty-wearing buffoon in a funny hat put his money where his mouth is:

Open the Vatican apartments and halls to the flood of “migrants”

Establish a tent city in St Peter’s Square, and create a permanent soup kitchen inside the Basilica.

Convert the Pope’s personal apartments into special accommodations for persecuted gay migrants from Islamic countries.

Liquidate all Vatican loose assets to feed the influx of hungry mouths



Me: "No Jesuit has the right to tell any country how to conduct its internal affairs." Look to God for the good of your soul, and stop trying to meddle in politics.

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