During his sit-down interview with George Stephanopoulos this past Thursday, actor Alec Baldwin said it is "highly unlikely" he will face criminal charges over the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins; the district attorney, however, has not ruled those charges out.

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Premeditated murder. Nothing less.


Still? Possible? How about his version of events show neglegence at the very least. He pointed the gun at her, and was clearly not interested in any safety standards. For anyone else in normal-land that would be an involuntary manslaughter or even a little worse.

There are other ways to fire a revolver which have nothing to do with the trigger. YOU CHECK THE DAMN GUN IF YOU ARE GOING TO POINT IT AT SOMEONE! I don't care who handed it to you or what they said. This is someone's life we are talking about here. For the record, I do not condone pointing any gun at anyone. If you are going to do it on a movie set, shouldn't it be pointed at another actor during a scene, not at an off stage employee during a rehersal.

What an ass!


Sadusky : "So, here is your options: Door number one - you go to prison for a very long time. Door number two - we're going to get back the Declaration of Independence; you help us find it, and... you still go to prison for a very long time. But you'll feel better inside."
Ben Gates : "Is there a door that doesn't lead to prison?"
Sadusky : [laughing] "Someone's got to go to prison, Ben."


Baldwin is a professional liar, and a con, he's attempting to literally get away with murder so that he can profit from it later when the movie comes out. Flaunting his privileged Rich Elite Class status, and the doubled standard legal system that's biased towards his class, bribes, corrupt Judges and lawyers to impress upon everyone his ability to game the system where many rich of our society worship "Craftiness, and Cunning". Justice no longer has a blindfold on, and he will succeed in snowing people with his cry baby shenanigans into getting the lightest sentence imaginable. Don't be fooled by his corporate media rich friends play on feelings, that's what he's counting on, it's just a publicity stunt to him, but death to an actress that he cocked a loaded weapon, pointed it directly at her, and pulled the trigger murdering her.



I remember when Paris Hilton went to jail and I felt for fully half a day that there was justice in the world.

I need another hit of that.


He carelessly pointed a real firearm with out checking it at someone, pulled the trigger, and killed them. He is liable for manslaughter at least. If any one else had done it, they would of already been charged.

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He carelessly pointed a real firearm at someone, pulled the trigger, and killed them. He is liable for manslaughter at least. If any one else had don it, they would of already been charged.



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