Monty Python veteran John Cleese is mocking fellow actor Hank Azaria over his apology for voicing the role of Apu on Fox's "The Simpsons." In a sarcastic gesture, Cleese offered his own apology for making fun of "white English people" in numerous "Monty Python" sketches.

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Thought the problem was 'racial stereotyping'. Even tho Apu was the kindest, most intelligent, patient character on the show. But no one is rioting over Wiggums, the pig-bodied Irish cop. Guess that isn't racist. Or Barney, the beer guzzling irishman who can sing like the best of the sod when it hits him. No, let's not be racist nor unsympathetic to a guy with an addiction.

And why are there no yellow skinned people playing the Simpson voices? And why is a woman doing the voice of a boy? That's sexist.

You wanna play 'woke' then we will pull out all of the stops. Fix it all or maybe the Irish and males should start lawsuits against the show for racism, sexism, and a lack of blue haired and yellow skinned actors.

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