Australian actress Sam Frost posted a tearful message to her 567,000 Instagram followers on Tuesday, begging them to "use correct pronouns" after stumbling upon a social media post from someone who purportedly said "nasty comments about pronouns and non-binary gender identity."

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Get a life, you cunned stunt......if that doesn't work, do yourself in!


It's not respect. You're asking us to accept the basic principle on which your fantasy is based on. The problem is that those principles are contrary to natural laws. You're going against fundamental principle of life, you have serious problem. you are incapable to deal with it and to avoid to face it you put the burden on all the other who reject your fantasy. You're a primitive.


Hahaha, never heard of you but for Women, I use: Her, She, Female and for Men, I use: Him, His, Male etc. Respect the Truth.

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