Left-wing pop star Cher appeared to experience technical issues while campaigning for Democrat Joe Biden in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday.

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Exactly what are the "freedoms" have been taken away by Trump, Cher?


Stockholm syndrome


Please just die already, you horrific nasty ass skank!


Are you still here?


The fumes from the silicone they use to seal Cher's sarcophagus are obviously affecting her.


She IS a technical issue!!!


Deceiving demonic DemoSocs never change. Always reversing truth, aka lying. And they will never change because the “Devil is a lie”.

Grandma Cher plagiarizing like Biden. She deceivingly used her enemy’s words, the words of USA, Constitution, law and order loving Patriot speech. Associating them to chillingly, vile, corrupt, criminal, death dabbling Brainfart Biden.

Evil Biden and all of the evil Left have switched from 12 years of real and strong USA hate to fake USA love in the past month. It is crystal clear to anyone smarter than a morale 1st grader.

Save the planet. Reduce evil Left’s domination of the planet. If the Left owned the USA, then the USA becomes as big a polluter as the Leftist countries are today. If the Left gave a shit about pollution, China would be a model, not a worse polluter in the world. In case you forgot, Biden a deceitfully big fan of China lol.

Was a crowd really there? By Cher’s words, it seemed not. “OK, I’m gonna talk (aka read TelePrompTer), then sing ( lip sing) and leave”. Looking for a nod from director with her giant wad of campaign cash. Photoshopped crowd?

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