Senior Disney executives are reportedly bashing plans to reduce their salaries between 20 and 30 percent amid the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, with no firm date as to when the cuts would end.

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DIE! Disney PEDOS! DIE! I wish you a painful death.


I LOVE news like this!


Greedy f***ing scum bags, every one of them.


Maybe we have an insight into executive compensations. If you lay off half of your workforce then drop half of your compensation It's called justice, equality. And good will.

Keep grabbing for the cash and American Citizens will stop paying inflated tickets for your tacky overpriced parks and merchandise. The films could use a lot of work as well.

[However, a Disney source dismissed the complaints, pointing out that the company will this month furlough tens of thousands of employees after shutting all its theme parks, stores, and studios. “Much of the company has ground to a halt because of this pandemic, and for these people to complain in the face of so much suffering in the world is just incredibly selfish and sad,” the source said.]


Just fire Kathleen Kennedy with no golden parachute.

The cunt has earned it 3 fold....Now theres 5 key execs that don't need a pay cut :D

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