The comic book writer who created the Marvel Comics mega villain Thanos seen in the recent hit Avengers movies says he feels "violated" by the use of the character in a viral Trump campaign ad.

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"Created Thanos" more like copied Darksied.

It's funny how the far left and the left, by default, equate Trump with evil, if he was, don'tcha think he would be using the government against people standing in his way?

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2019-43-Th 12:43:24 pm

"Created Thanos" more like copied Darksied.


Um - pretty sure Trump or the Trump campaign did not CREATE the video meme using Thanos - what a DOPE the creator of Thanos actually is. There are tons of meme videos depicting Trump and he and his campaign have not made a single one! They re-tweet them because they like them! Get over yourself Starlin

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