Parents filed a lawsuit against their daughter's school after she attempted suicide following secret gender identity meetings with staff.

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The school should be shut down and all administrators reviewed for violation of the law and parental rights and obligations. They seriously endangered the girl (two attempts in 2 days - and the parents never heard about the first attempt!)

[When they arrived at the school, the parents were kept waiting for 20 minutes. Eventually, they met with the principal, the assistant principal, a Clay County Police Officer, and the counselor. They were then informed that their 12-year-old daughter had tried to commit suicide at school, twice in two days.]


"Secret gender meetings" are exactly: FUCKING PEDOPHILES GROOMING CHILDREN.

And this shit is going on OUT IN THE FUCKING OPEN all over the country like this is suddenly ancient fucking Greece or something.

If you have kids, and they are in the public schools, or go to the library, or the "Scouts," or wherever these "gender meeting" cunts happen to be... GO FUCKING STOP THEM.

When people will not protect their children, the writing is on the wall and no amount of rhetoric will undo that damage.


These "teachers" should be hanged on PPV


I'm not a Lawsuit kind of Man. I'm a crosshairs and smooth trigger pull kind of Man.


Wait, this was in Florida.! Why the Ef hasn't the state stood up and yelled from the highest rafters? Why not the state BoE? That superintendent, principal and every person that knew this was going on needs to fired immediately, and held in the local jail for child endangerment at the very least.

That school should be closed for a week (sorry Parents) to sort this out. This should not be ho-hum, we will take care of it after hours kinda crap.


Kid probably thinking better to be dead than do what these adults were coxing her to be.


The staff should be publicly executed....the time for litigation is far passed.

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