Americans, by three to one, strongly favor the preservation and use of President Donald Trump's border wall.

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Lots of hispanics in that metric. I don't need a poll to tell me that US Citizens do not want people coming & going as they please.


I thought the government was supposed to serve the People? Of course, that would work if we had a president and not a modern day King George.

[Seventy-three percent of the respondents wanted the government to patch gaps in the wall, while 27 percent opposed such action. Retaining the existing wall received 79 percent support when respondents were asked: “Should the hundreds of miles of the border wall that have been constructed over the last few years be left in place or dismantled?” President Joe Biden stopped the additional construction of the border wall as soon as he got into office. However, a lawsuit may force Biden to restart construction because his agencies have not completed work that Congress directed and funded in 2019 and 2020.]


Buyers remorse?

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