Former Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) on Sunday sounded off on Critical Race Theory, which was a hot-button topic in his state's most recent gubernatorial election. | Clips

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Ralph thinks he is going to win higher offices...


Dont you have a party to attend somewhere in blackface?


Postmodern social theory is a gaslighting MACHINE.

Once you've untethered your thinking from the expectation of an objective, knowable reality,all that's real is what you can convince people of and the only GOOD is POWER.

You can learn that from some Marxist dyke in graduate school, or you can learn it from the media, or in a board meeting, or a mandatory training at work, or a high school literature course, or a fucking KINDERGARTEN class when your teachers tell you boys can be girls.

Wherever you pick it up, it's your Swiss army knife for dismantling EVERYTHING YOU DON'T LIKE in the world.


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