Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) finds a lot of things objectionable about President Joe Biden's tenure thus far. | Clips

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Yes this is evidenced by the Biden admin using the DoJ to politically persecute political adversaries - this is a Totalitarian tactic. It is anti-American to treat political opponents as enemies instead of having a debate so the American people can decide what policies they like and which ones they don't.


Do you 'member when Trump was newly elected in 2016 and he was considering holding to his campaign promise to lock Hilary up and the media was freaking out because she was a "private citizen" and "only dictators use their power to go after private citizens for political reasons." Why aren't the same courtesies that Hillary got extended to all those political prisoners locked up for January 6th? Why is the press ignoring the Biden regime's authoritarianism? I'm sick of the one sided lying nature of the fake news media

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