CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said Wednesday during his handoff to fellow anchor Don Lemon that unvaccinated Americans were ignorant and arrogant with a "misplaced sense of righteous indignation." | Clips

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I like it when an opposing party calls me stupid. It alerts me instantly to their particular mindset and nullifies any argument they put forth. Of course, it's meant to trigger a certain response, but they'll not get that from me. I was a fat kid. Insults roll off me like water from a duck.


Don't believe this is an a pandemic of the unvaxxed.
I got Moderna, my daughter got Pfizer, but she is now positive for COVID & sick as a dog.
Shot or not this germ is breaking on thru.


Shock and surprise. Tweedle Dum has the same opinion as his brother.

If CNN is still on the air by the end of this year, I'll be mad at all of the people who don't believe their crap and who still don't turn them off.


... says the man who faked having covid-19.


So much for keeping an open mind.

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