House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Tuesday on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" that he is investigating if the Department of Homeland Security or the FBI were discouraged from pursuing white nationalists for domestic terror "because that was viewed as an attack on Trump supporters." | Clips

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Schitt for brains rears his ugly face again!!! True Story.....Famous TV chef Anthony Bourdain once stayed in a neighboring room to Schiff @ the Chateau Marmont ( LA ) where he allegedly witnessed 2 of Schiff's handlers drugging a 10yr old Black boy into Schiff's room, the witnessed hearing those handlers force drugging him, then leaving his unconscious body in the room with no one but Schiff.

Bourdain ( Who later filed an official police report with the LA Sheriffs Dept ) the reported hearing Schiff raping the boy for hours!!! He then heard Schiff in the room panicking, because the boy had allegedly died from an overdose, as a result of drugs force into his young body, by Schiff's handlers.

Schiff was seen by Bourdain leaving the room ALONE, then also witnessed the handlers entering & then leaving the room with the dead body of that young victim!!! Bourdain who had filed the police report with the LA Sheriff's dept. Has since committed 'Suicide' by hanging himself in a Paris, France Hotel room.......'Allegedly'!!!!

Further more, NOTHING has ever come of that police report!!!


The the great grandson of an bolsheviks is pushing his Jewish supremacists anti white agenda.

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