During Friday's Democratic Weekly Address, Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) stated that Senate Democrats have tried to focus on | Clips

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And yet Crazy Maize does not operate by the Ruthie call to consider the real life consequences of her own and party actions .She decries the plight of those who are struggling financially, yet refuses to demand her party deal with the Wuhan Virus funding bills, and sits quietly as Pelosi and Schumer turn a tragedy into a political event. She ignores the destruction of our businesses, people, culture - to play sick games. Read what you said Mazie, it actually applies to Senators. The Supreme Court deals with the Constitution, not laws and bills and funding. Ruthie would have rather have had a position which would let her re-write laws. She had the wrong job for that.

Meanwhile you refuse to negotiate in good faith on the recovery funding, and seem to think the Congress can only take up one issue at a time. You are sick and twisted.

[“That’s what Justice Ginsburg called on the Court (What about the House, the Senate? What about all politicians?) to do — to consider the real-world impact of its decisions.”]


In the Real world She's a Democrat There is Nothing worse End of Story .


Democrats lower the bar on stupidity once again!!!!


Indeed it should consider the real world impact of is decisions, but it must follow the Constitution no matter what.

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