On Sunday's broadcast of CNN's "Reliable Sources," former ABC "World News' anchor Sam Donaldson accused President Donald Trump's supporters of having a "fixation" on returning America to a "white Christian country." | Clips

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It's not about color, it's about ending the corruption.


" We are a diverse people, we are good and strong because of that"

No evidence ever shows this.

Lots of evidence showing it's a weakness


My word. How desperate does one have to be to dig up this fossil? Tell me, when exactly was the US a "White Christian Country."? Plus, he's saying that, as if it were a bad thing.

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2019-40-Mo 01:40:09 am

My word. How desperate does one have to be to dig up this fossil? Tell when exactly was the US a "White Christian Country."? Plus, he's saying that, as if it were a bad thing.


30 years ago I didn't think Sam Donaldson was stupid.
I wonder, did I fail to notice what an absolute dummy he was?
Or, was he hiding it better back then?


Has absolutely nothing to do with colour you stupid old cockhead , your colour , your religion, or your ethnicity do not define your character , your fkn behaviour does , hence why people don’t want third world black savages or pedophile worshippers in their countries , THEY HAVE NO DECENT CHARACTER .


If those are your terms, I accept.


And you globalists have a "fixation" with destroying white nations and replacing Christianity with filthy islam.


this old methane gas bag wanted some attn ... no clue who this is


They're trying so hard to seed actual racism so as to create a race war, and failing to do so. By fostering the narrative of white devils, they hope to turn POC against white people with the hopes that white people will have no choice but to side with actual white racists. That's their game, and its failing. Americans of all races realize its not in their best interests to be racist.


Donaldson has it all wrong. Trump supporters have a vision to return the country back to constitutional values. The US Constitution supports all men of all color. All men are individuals. The US Constitution gives each individual the right to pursue their own path to happiness free from government intervention, regulation and control. The US Constitution supports freedom of worship so that's not exclusive to Christianity only.

The difference is, that not all men pursue life equally thus resulting in varying levels achievement and success, all of which is subjective as to what success and achievement means to any given individual. Its not for any one human to define what achievement and success means and enforce on someone else. Nor does the individual who recognizes that he/she has failed by their own measure, have the right to take away from another human being's achievement and success to create equity for one's own failure.

Its not really rocket science. Donaldson is overthinking it. All Trump supports are doing is get the country back to its foundation.

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