Tuesday on CNN's "Newsroom," 2020 presidential hopeful Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) warned the impeachment of President Donald Trump would further "divide | Clips

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She has no chance of beating the president, and she's too "moderate" (and I use that term loosely) to win the demonrat primary.....might as well pack it in!


I would say if Warren wins next election. One hour after her inauguration, start impeachment proceedings for lying during the campaign. Why the hell not?


Tulsi is so close to breaking through... to actually seeing success on this stage. She has the political instinct and bravery to take the correct position here, in opposition to all other candidates.

But she needs to perfect her delivery - if she does that, she could see viral coverage take off, and see her poll numbers respond. Learn from what Trump has taught everyone: America is sick of packaged, fake politicians. We'll take a poor-mannered, plain-spoken candidate over more-of-the-same vanilla college-level platitudes that every talking suit on the stage is spouting. No, we want to hear actual thoughts, ideas, and (gasp) personality. A bad personality is better than a fake personality.

So, Tulsi, don't just say impeachment would be bad for the country. This is true, but avoids the real truth that is plain to see: there are no grounds to even be discussing impeachment, let alone moving forward.

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