Border Patrol officials cleared the last remaining migrants on Friday from the infamous camp under the Del Rio International Bridge.

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I told my kid to clean their room, it was a mess with clothes books empty pop cans all over. Two hours later he is going out. "What about your room?" "I cleaned it." Checked, and found the clothes on the closet floor (hidden) books under the bed garbage piled up over the top of the garbage can like some tournament Tetris game.

Clean it up!

We raised kids Joey, we know a liar. You did not clean up anything in Del Rio. You just stashed the mess in other places. CLEAN IT UP!

[Since then, officials moved the migrants to other detention facilities, to Haiti on Title 42 repatriation flights, allowed some to self-deport to Mexico, or released some into the United States with notices to report to an immigration office for expedited removal hearings.]

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