Law enforcement sources report huge increases in the apprehension of unaccompanied children (UAC) along the Texas border with Mexico. 

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The dem(on)s won't fund housing, so that the kids are released. Are they vaccinating any of these kids? Are they doing DNA tests to prove family relationships before sending them off to what could clearly be child trafficking?

[In the Del Rio Border Patrol Sector, law enforcement sources report group sizes of unaccompanied children are crossing the border by the dozens. The volume is creating overcrowding at the Uvalde Station still operating under COVID-19 protocols. In the Rio Grande Valley, sources report nearly one thousand unaccompanied children are waiting for placement with HHS ORR to suitable facilities.]

Nope. They are dem(on)crats. They only care about optics not people.


biens cages.

aoc should do a photo op crying again and decrying pale hitler.

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