Guatemalan security forces used tear gas and batons to push back a migrant caravan attempting to make its way to Mexico and on to the United States.

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So American Democrats think the fictional virus is so deadly that the military needs to oversee a heinous program of mandatory lethal injections disguised as vaccines, but they are also willing to let millions of random people into the country? Is anybody buying any of this bullshit anymore?

In their desperate attempt to import a new voter base into the US, Democrats have created an international nuisance. They are using social media and psychologically manipulative news to cause these crimes to happen. The Guatemalan military has every right to use lethal force, imprison these invaders or have them sent to the Hague as the international terrorists that they are. If the US is complicit, then American officials should be arrested and charged as well.


Guatemala can use batons, and Mexico, bullets, to stop the invaders.


That is an invasion force, and ought to be greeted as such every step of the way until it turns around and goes home.


Sad that the Hondurans are being mislead and some evil bastards are profiting from it.

Another new low from MSM and corrupt politicians trying to blame human trafficking on Trumps immigration policies.

In fact more Hondurans have entered the USA (legally) under Trump during his first term than the previous term. Image taken from homeland security data.

Direct data sources:


Are these caravans organized or funded by a particular group or groups such as an NGO?

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