Rudy Giuliani is visiting states to detail fraud allegations, but Republican leaders in Michigan will not approve an appearance.

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...its time for the President to come to terms with this criminal business...[1] NO MORE DATES 6,14,18 Dec. 2020 and NOT 20 Jan 2021!!!...and [2] DECLARE THAT THE US IS IN A NATIONAL EMERGENCY...GENERATED BY CHINA'S ATTEMPTED OVER-THROW OF AMERICA'S ELECTION!!...particularly since TRUMP swore a personal oath to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES...FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC...!!!


Gop better rethink we the people of Michigan will hold them accountable one way or another.


Breitbart is fucking useless...... From the article. “We’ve just determined that logistically it’s not something we’re going to be able to do,” Michigan House Oversight Committee Chairman Matt Hall (R) told the Detroit News.

“We were trying to get him to appear in person to testify. We couldn’t logistically make it work. I’ve asked him to submit his written testimony, and we’ll review it,” Hall said to the Detroit Free Press.

Fuck off brietbart, stop trying to be the new CNN.

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