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I thought Blue cared about the site's reputation? Instead, he's sharing this garbage, debunked nonsense about Trump and Assange being offered a pardon if he denied Russia gave him emails. Come on, Blue. I don't go to your site for your dose of bullshit politics.



" It would be nice to take advantage of the nearby lake for a dip, but the beach area is tiny enough that it's quite crowded, as there's no real way to practice anything like social distancing there. With MrsBlue in a high-risk group with her asthma, this is just not something we should be messing with"

If you're depending on "social distancing" of 6 measly feet to save your wife, you're fucking retarded


"Humble Book Bundle: Game Design & Animation by Packt (pay what you want and help charity).* *Blue's News may receive a commission on sales of this item."

What kind of creep takes a commission on a sale for charity


"I'm a little on edge today, as MrsBlue are off for our physicals later today. These are what should be annual checkups, but it's been way more than a year, as we ended up canceling last year due to the pandemic. As I've mentioned a couple of times, I've put on a considerable (for me at least) layer of lockdown blubber, and I'm really not looking forward to facing the music and hearing what this has done to my health. We've been trying to eat better and exercise more lately, and I can only imagine that the doctor's perspective will serve as a kick in the butt to work even harder."


I'm going to skip taking care of my health because I'm busy protecting my health

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