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I don't think the question is whether the right will wake up or if they're in their donors' pockets. I think they are and that isn't going to change. I think the question is whether the nation is too divided to forcefully stand up to globalists who intend to dissemble until it's too late for any change to happen. If that's the case I'm full support of national populism by any means necessary. If that were even possible.


The conservatives are not going to do anything with the power simply because they can't this is the same regardless of which western nation you are from.

The majority demographics are addicted to welfare and this is currently paid for via inflation, migration and debt ANY attempt by conservatives to cut welfare on those demographics will result in them getting terfed out next election.

in america you need only watch when the debt ceiling issue comes around to see this, they will make some noises then cave in because they have to, otherwise their opponents will point at them and say "those big meanies stopped the gibs. vote for me i'll fix you up".

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