Coronavirus Update: 1350000 Infected, 75000 Dead, New Cases Declining In Many Nations

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I'm gonna call Bull Shit. Cases are dropping because of the social distancing and the lock downs. The strategy was to flatten the curve and it appears to be working. America closed it boarder early and instituted social distancing and the lock down early in our curve and that is clearly paying off. Indications at this point are our health care system will not be completely overwhelmed as has happened in Europe.

I understand YouTubers are losing ad money and your merch isn't selling, but ahhh...Fuck You! Fuck the economy! Fuck every sissy ass whiny bitch out there....Seriously had you cunts prepared for this it wouldn't be that big an inconvenience not to get millions of people killed....Yeah i don't wanna be sitting around a home anymore either, but you know, tough shit!

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