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Trump is unconcerned with the Impeachment trial because it is a bill of attainder which is expressly forbidden by Article I, Section 9, Clause 3 of the Constitution. So a conviction will not stop him running in 2024 and likely serve to rally him even more support just like the last Impeachment did.

Which BTW is why even though he likely hates Trump as much as any NeoCon Chief Justice John Roberts is refusing the serve as judge on the impeachment trial. If an impeachment trial was legal after a President already left office Roberts would be required by article 1 section 3 clause 6 & 7 of the Constitution which says "the Chief Justice shall preside". The word shall in legalize means you have no choice. The Senate cannot conduct the trial without the Chief Justice presiding, the Chief Justice cannot refuse to preside. The senate holding an impeachment trial without the Chief Justice is unconstitutional and the Chief Justice refusing to preside is an offence he could be impeached for.

Yet the House is not threatening to Impeach Roberts and he is refusing to preside. That's because Roberts knows damn well he would be committing a criminal act to preside over a bill of attainder and the congress knows damn well if they tried to force Roberts he would force the House to impeach him or would preside over the trial, but protest loudly throughout the trial that it was an illegal act that he and the other 8 SCOTUS justices would immediately nullify should they convict.

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