David Icke's Explosive Interview With London Real - The Video That Youtube Doesn't Want You To See

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The powers that be are performing Whack-A-Mole with this video. If it is a load of bullshit, why are they desperately trying to censor it? The propaganda media is full of lying politicians and 'health experts' who state things that are blatantly false and are now manipulating death certificates. Something does not smell right. Tip - play it on double speed.


A working copy of the banned David Icke interview on the coronavirus...


By censoring the video, youtube is doing you a big favor. Same when Youtube is suggesting/promoting your videos I NEVER subscribed.

The BIG problem on this video is the fear mongering you are constantly spreading. Why don't you never talk about Trump and QAnon ? Do you know we are hundred millions not believing you ?

You say fear is "control of the people", but you are doing exacly the same. You abuse the mind of the people. Are you telling us to go out in the streets. Are you calling for civil unrests ?

Can you tell us about Adrenochrome, about D.U.MB. ? Can you tell us what is the Defender 20 operation in europe ? Can you tell us why the Cabal is quarantined at home ? Can you tell us why so many resignations ? Can you tell us why Bill Gates has resigned ? Where is his power ? Can you tell us why Trump has nationalized the FED ? And cancelled the dept ? Can you tell us about the numerous child trafficking arrests ? Can you tell us where is Trump is this game ? Part of the Cabal ? Can you debunk QAnon with at least one proof ? Can you tell us why the mainstream medias are loosing their credibility right now ? Can you tell us about the arrests of the drug-cartels ? Can you tell us about the arrest of Charles Lieber ? Bribed $15M by Bill Gates ? Can you tell us why Trump is pushing the CURE instead of the vaccine ? Can you tell us the purpose of military tribunals ? Can you tell us about the erthquakes ? Haven't you heard the bombings under our feets ? Can you tell us what is happenning in Vatican right now ?

There is a lot of holes in your story.

Body language :

  • Are you sweating my dear ?
  • Are you upset ?
  • Why are you threatening people who don't believe you ?
  • Are you in the same conflict of interrests than Alex Jones ?
  • Are you affraid of a scealed indictment ?
  • You look like a demon. Your energy is wrong.

How much money did you recieved for speading fears and wrong decoding ? All your points WAS right in the past. But things have changed since 2016. Did Hillary and Trump running for the same agenda ? Explains us please.

Why are you missing the whole point happenning now ?

You have no sense of humor. You are boring. I am tired of you. You NEVER mention God, You never mention Jesus Christ. You only talk about power. You pretend yourself to have more power than the Cabal, but you will finish with them. You should never have accepted their money. David, you are compromised. Nobody buys your shit. QAnons even don't give a shit what you says.

You are a looser. When they come for you, nobody willl rescue you. Sorry dude. Your time is over.


Is David Icke Right About Reptilians? He's a VERY CLEVER shill who has made a fortune telling fairy tales as though they are true. He seems to have gathered a following in his early career by citing the British Royal Family as shape shifting reptilians, (of that I have no comment). Well done David, what a way to make a living.


Burn the 5G towers!


Icke is a moron

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