Dwight and Steven Hammond's case sparked a 41-day standoff between armed militiamen and the FBI.

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This article is so far into Fake News that it's unbelievable. Once Again, they use abstraction to change the reality they are describing, making it so far from ACTUAL reality. The two were charged and convicted of Terrorism, because they destroyed government grass. Yup, burning grass is a terrorist act. The real reason they wanted to get rid of them was because there is uranium on the southern end of the territory. They needed to get them out of the way due to the Uranium One deal. The Bundy's created a protest, interfering with their plan for the land tract. LaVoy Finicum was not in a traffic stop, they were ambushed by FBI agents and state police while on the way to meet with the SHERIFF. Yup, they COULD have merely arrested them when they got to the Sheriff, but perhaps the Sheriff would have intervened. No, they had to run them off the road in an area with no cell phone service, where they shot and hit the roof of the vehicle, and that FBI agent then lied about it in his reports and was eventually brought in the dock for lying. Finicum exited the vehicle with his hands up, and stumbled in the snow on the way back to officers. That was when they shot him and then used a throwdown that was never traced to Finicum. Like all fake news, they then take the new direction of the story that they have created out of thin air, and lead it to an impeachment of following the Rule of Law.

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