Labour and other parties vow to block mid-October election, as Lords pass anti-no-deal Brexit bill.

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Knowing they would lose a snap election these fuckpigs are now moving the goalpoasts and want Boris to get the article 50 date moved before they allow another election.

Boris should have simply prorogued parliament from opening day until the 1st of November, there is still time though, there is nothing stopping him bringing it forward to today, I have a feeling the queen would be down with that, so when they send Boris off to see the Queen with their new no deal law he should simply not pass it to the queen for ascension but ask for Parliament to be suspended immediately because they wont let him have his election and he is essentially governing with no mandate to govern, they are playing hardball, its time for Boris to do the same.

They simply cant be allowed to keep pushing Brexit down the road, I dont think the anti democratic fuckers in government realise that the public are getting very close to snapping and they are literally putting their lives on the line, there will be blood on the streets because of their inaction and it will be their blood.


Cowards. If you truly believe the British public are behind you then go to the polls for them to show support for your cause.


4 remainers depicted.


Well that about says it all. They are obviously very confident about the people being on their side lol

How many elections do the "Know it all classes" have to lose around the world? Those crying that everyone else is running foul of democracy appear to have very little trust in it.

The vote has been done for some time. Globalism is losing because it does not benefit the average person nearly as much as the already wealthy.

Either take the hint and win people over with reforms that prove it can benefit everyone or just admit you prefer dictatorships when it suits you.

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2019-17-Fr 06:17:00 pm

Well that about says it all. They are obviously very confident about the people being on their side lol

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