Videos containing insults based on race and sexual orientation will be removed, YouTube says.

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This is a fatal business mistake. They think they're making the Left happy by making moves like this. They won't. They only incite the purity spiral, in which the vegans will feel emboldened to use the new rules to accuse the vegetarians of not being virtuous enough, and the atheists will attack the faithful saying their feelings were hurt. And no matter who YouTube sides with on a particular spat, they will shed users who lose the decision. The user base will evaporate like a snowflake in the June sun.

Every time you give them an inch on matters of freedom, it's only a matter of time before they're calling for gulags and genocide of those who disagree with them.


This has been tried and failed so many times that all you can do is roll your eyes at this point.

Trying to make humans friendly from the top down is literally impossible... but even IF it wasn't, why would we want to give pan-global mega-corps the ability to change our personalities via social engineering?!

It's fucking nonsense with a side order of bullshit.


Youtube is proceeding full steam ahead with its suicide plans.
Epstein didn't kill himself




One look at the buzzard that runs YouTube is all you need to know.

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