More than 1,500 people claim asylum in the UK each year, claiming that they are persecuted for being gay. But it's not an easy thing to prove.

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What a waste of time. Zimbabwe is not a neighboring country. She came through at least several other safe countries, so she's not a refugee. Hand her a one-way ticket to any of the countries she passed through, and tell her that if she ever returns to the UK she will be expected to promptly pay for that ticket, as well as for all the expenses the government made dealing with her, plus interest, or she'll be sent immediately to a prison camp on the Outer Hebrides where she can earn the money she owes the UK, before being deported again.


The BBC is now just a fuck whites, fuck men, fuck Britain propaganda machine.

Defund these cunts. The staff need to be sent to some of the wonderful places they think are better than the UK - they'll soon get some fucking respect for this country.

Stop paying your license fee, there's plenty of YouTube videos explaining how to do this. Lets take these fucks down.


It's gonna take scissoring, lots of it, and muff diving.

Put some videos online - let us know about them - and we'll get back to you in a few months.

Oh and also explain why you didn't go to a neighbouring country that is safe, could it be you're trying to abuse the generosity of the UK and its immigration system?

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