Former Yorkshire player Azeem Rafiq says racist language was "constantly" used at the club and is an issue throughout domestic cricket.

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And people wonder why the police are too busy to investigate real crime, when shit like this is front-page news at the BBC.


Did he get beat up, or his car vandalised, or home defaced, or perhaps have his opportunities limited?

Or was it just some tailored insults that everyone in that room has heard worse than?

If it's just words, even if distasteful, go the fuck away with this absolute nonsense. I'd go play cricket in Pakistan for a £1million if all I'd have to put up with was a few insults.

Jfc, the only thing that rivals how pathetic all this crap is is that it manages to get this far up the food chain!


Wait there's racists in Yorkshire ? I thought that was predominantly a new version of Mecca ?


Get the fuck over it snowflake - this is total bullshit.

Learn to take a weak joke you fucking cunt. Institutionally racist? Fucking grow a pair lady boy. If you don't fucking like it - get out of the fucking public eye.

There is FAR more anti-white racism, that is tolerated and encouraged. Vaughn made a lame joke nothing more. Get over it ladyboy.

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