Mr Obama dubbed his successor a "crazy uncle" while Mr Trump said Mr Obama was "all over the place".

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BBC bias in full flow today. Trump and MR Obama. Pathetic bastards.


Less than 280 vehicles at the Obama drive-in rally - wow, that's probably less than a thousand people.


How many out there of all races were like me and thought wtf when Obama picked existing and historically super racist Biden as his VP?

Now it’s fair to surmise the Democrat Party picked super racist corrupt highbinder Biden. Obama went all in to get his share of $$$, and to destroy US he hates. An easy sell to Obama.

The Democrat Party knew corrupt Biden was as good as corrupt Crooked at selling the USA to get rich, stay in power. Good at destroying the USA and making foreign US haters rich. The 2 reasons US hating countries bought very expensive influence. Obama ok’d Biden like an Uncle Tom Carpetbagger.

Realize the US was providing aid to these countries and paying interest on money borrowed from them. In essence, USA politicians provided the money foreigners used to buy inside influence to destroy the USA and/or get rich.

Then, after a shady deal succeeds, the foreign leaders get richer. They use our aid to buy influence, get rich off a shady deal, thus make a profit off our aid.

Now Obama is preaching scared to again put super racist Biden, one of the most racist politicians over 47 years, and now more unfit mentally, as POTUS. A bigger WTF than Biden as VP.

So, it seems clear that with the info and pics on Hunter Biden’s laptop and additional emails and pics from Hunter’s business imprisoned business partner, Obama is preaching scared. Looks bad. Got older in last 4 years than 8 in office.

WARNING ⚠️ The now terminally rabid and weakened Democrat Party now attacks mindlessly. Including their own. Are incurable. Be prepared to euthanize. Not salvageable as is. “Reimagine” and replace the mad incurable Democrat Party.

To really Keep Making America Great, many must be executed for treason as traitors and many more in prison for life. To include those in FBI, CIA. etc and traitors involved outside government.

Not done there is no doubt yet again that the collusion harming ALL LIVES in the USA is the collusion between our Democrat and Republican Parties. DO NOT BE AMAZED IF NO EXECUTIONS AND NONE IMPRISONED. That the case, making America worse. JAG just another bullshit campaign slogan.

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