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Newsflash: A dog born in a stable is not a fucking horse.


"Just because you're black and you live in Wales - it doesn't make you any less Welsh."

Wrong, It does. It means that you are not Welsh, you may have some mixed in there but you are not Welsh, nor British. None of you are.


"We were always anxious walking around Aberaeron or anywhere with our family because people would think that we're tourists, Why wouldn't people assume that I live here and that I'm part of this community?"

Well if you were part of that community, said community wouldnt be asking you that question would they?

Fucking moron!


Identity is not determined by the soil you live on. You're not Welsh


If you are black you cannot be welsh, intellectual midgets at the bbc struggling with the basics as usual.


Those family photos - How wonderfully diverse, plenty of box-ticking going on there.

Not a white male in sight though, not even a token LGBT mincing about.


Welsh is an ethnicity.

You can't be Welsh, any more than I can be a Cherokee fucking Indian.


WTF! The Welsh are the oldest descendant of the ancient celts not fucking sub Africa.

Fuck these REEEEEEtarda for trying to destroy my already minority people!


No matter the number and percentage of races, known and unknown by a person, we are what we are regarding our racial blending. The newborn never have a say in the blending.

An issue arrives when an adult identifies the race of a newborn. Racially diluted adults of many races may argue about which race to call the newborn. Later the light tan person with freckles and straight black hair may ask the adult, why did you label me Black. I prefer Asian, like my grandmother.

With one racial name for all, maybe “human race”, will it be a crime to refer back to a pedigree or pure race in our ancestry? Will the existing pure races have to change their racial ID to the new one size fits all ID, human race? Will the history of pure races be destroyed? Like is happening with the Confederacy, history reimagined and destroyed.

With one racial name for all (human race), will one language for all be enforced? And all history of previous languages destroyed, illegal and punishable by death to form a new language.

I sense 1 racial ID, 1 language, 1 currency, and 1 giant tax for 1 giant global government is in the Democrats model of utopia, ironically sold as world order instead of world utopia or heaven on earth lol.

Then that giant government will determine and breed just one pure human race. Same plan as Hitler, to include a cleansing of undesirables. Same plan as animal breeders, aka pure bred. Islam is going down per world order lol. One religion, too. It will make the Devil smile.


"the first black woman city councillor in Wales - says her afro is symbol of her identity" Hang on, you want to show off being African but want to be Welsh at the same time? Moar hurt points

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