People are told to "stay home" with all but essential shops closed as a 17-day lockdown begins.

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Total bollocks, our leaders here is Wales have got the 'power boner' and are going to swing that hog around for as long as they can.


You know that when you loyally parrot a dictator's propaganda - like "firebreak" - then you're culpable for their crimes against humanity, right?


You know what is insane?

Today, I actually thought for a moment that things would be much better if the danger from the virus was real. I dismissed the thought but kept going back to it. It won't go away.

Many of us know that none of this is really about the virus, the danger is a spectral psy-op which is working as a new survey kind of proves: only 75% of those asked felt that they had any confidence that they would recover if they contracted the virus despite the actual survival rate being better than 99.9%.

What does that say? 25% of people are irrationally scared that the virus would kill them? I don't know but that's what it looks like at first glance.


The most depressing thing about this farce is the way that everyone is just going along with it like nodding dogs.

I got a private message from a workmate the other day: "I hear you're one of those mask deniers? Are you a flat earther as well?"

I have to admire what a good job they've done with propagandising the plebs.

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