Leading SNP MP Joanna Cherry says the PM's latest Brexit move could break a promise given to the Court of Session.

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Of course he is. Because he's the Prime Minister, the leader of the country and the leader of an elected party trying to up-hold democracy.

What's going on in parliament is disgusting. What sort of traitorous dogs abuse the law to prevent the government governing. It's clear that they're working for a foreign power and should be dangling at the end of a rope.



This EUSSRBBC Propaganda piece ends with this quote....

" The SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford said the priority should be to seek a Brexit extension and, once that was secured, his party would press for a no-confidence vote.

"Once we have got that position of safety, once the extension is in place, I would call on all opposition parties to come together. The SNP is prepared to accept its responsibility," he said. "

They don't give a flying fuck about democracy obviously

Lots of bought and paid for cunts need hanging


Eject Scotland

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