The EU's chief negotiator urges patience, as the deadline for reaching a deal with the UK nears.

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So here we go: Sir Ollie's Vassalage Treaty Mk 4. BRINO Betrayal ahoy, lads.


"Something has changed"

Yeah, the Tory's bluff clearly worked and now the EU are scrambling to salvage something before a clean break is made.

The deal will be a repackaged version of May's original surrender.

No-deal, now!


Yup it'll be a stitch up. A pig with lipstick on which the fake media will spin in overdrive that it's the deal of the century.


Brexiteers will not be happy with this deal.

Remoaners wont be happy with this deal.

The paralysis will just continue.

Just give us a clean break FFS!


So in other words, despite having already comprised with Ireland/EU with our original offer (with no compromise on their side), we have cucked and are going to compromise even further to bend to their will, and will essentially end up with May deal 2.0.

Will it make it through parliament though? I suspect it probably will, but I hope I am wrong.

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