Police defend a "ludicrous" decision to offer knives with blunt tips to domestic violence victims.

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Blunt knife injuries are harder to treat than sharp ones. Ask a surgeon.


Oh! They're giving them blunt knifes IN PLACE of the sharp ones.

I was going on the assumption that no one in the UK was allowed to have knives, so they were giving the women knives for self-defense.

Men don't need knives to kill women. The police need to blunt all of the corners of things in the house, to prevent the women being THROWN the fuck into them.

This is idiotic.


Chicksmart Idea of the Year!

Girl power!


The government doesn't allow abuse victims the right to defend themselves effectively.


To even run this as a “tiny trial” is indicative of the level of stupidity which has been ingrained into our public services. It’s also a symptom of the “ban things” culture which has resulted in a handgun ban in the U.K. and an attitude that people are not allowed to defend themselves. The whole system needs a reset.

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