Pyrotechnics went off above a war memorial as hundreds of people observed the two-minute silence.

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Why hasnt this blokes political leanings been revealed? If he was anything other than a degenerate lefty the press would be screaming 'far right' etc.


How can Abigail Henry, mitigating, say with a straight face that this scum has shown sincere and genuine regret for the thing that he says he didn't do?

Throw her in the cells with him.

Oh, and wearing MTP is a crime against fashion, and should be a crime on the statute books as well.


Looks a nice chap


They jailed him fast fucking hell whilst these murderer paedo cunts are walking around for days


He should have got a lot longer. This was a sickening attack on people marking Remembrance Sunday, which included veterans and families of those who died for their country. He didn't just let off fireworks, he ensured they went off right over their heads.

He's a homeless squatter with 21 previous convictions, so completely no use to society. I hope the fact that he has no fixed abode means he drops through the cracks in the system and does a lot longer.

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