Ten people, including two in their 80s and 90s, are arrested at an Extinction Rebellion protest.

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The good ole useful idiots let out again huh? 4days ago they were outside parliament with their 'Soro's funded' placards....now they're gluing themselves to the road??? God fucking help me.

Too many cunts have too much time on there hands, making it unfuckingbearable for the rest of us hardworking 'idiots'...'cos we must be idiots continuing to let this happen while still paying our taxes.


Just drive over them.

Absolutely nothinge of value will be lost.


After the Brexit referendum there was a call to disenfranchise the elderly, but they're lauded when they block traffic in the name of clean air (while simultaneously causing a localised build-up of exhaust fumes in the resulting gridlock).


Run one of these fuckers over with a HGV and then watch the others rip their skin off trying to get off the road. Then seize everything their own that is not environmentally friendly (eg car, phone, imported clothes, tin food etc) only let them eat what they grow themselves. They will soon get the message that they are full of shit.

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