Jawad Amiri says nearly suffocating inside a refrigerated lorry was like lying in a moving grave.

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Shame you didn't. What I find astounding is how these illegals can be so brazen about their illegal activity and how the paedophile loving BBC is so quick to shove them on the front fucking page. Don't you dare pay your TV licence if you think the BBC is a heap of shit and a propaganda mouthpiece for the Marxist/globalist cause.


BBC so brazen about this. They really don't give a fuck any more.


"Now I am very happy. I have my right to remain in the UK.."

But you're a criminal, how is this allowed?


Championing this other idiot who got to the UK, and remained to suck up resources, as a hero or something? He should be deported or locked up. What's this BBC advertising that it could be a good thing to do? Totally irresponsible.


Lol had to read up on how England handles illegal immigrants. Found this shit.

"You might be able to apply to stay in the UK if:

it would be very difficult for you to live in the country you would be in - for example because of a lack of work, education, family or friends, or if you wouldn't be accepted back there"

fuck sake, no wonder they are heading there. Make up an excuse and get a house with all expenses paid.

Yeah i cant go back to my home country because i have no family. But ill go back there on vacation to visit them.


How I nearly got shot robbing a bank.


It's precisely because the UK authorities allow illegal immigrants who criminally evade lawful border controls to stay in the UK and then reward them with welfare, education, housing and healthcare etc that more and more continue to make similar attempts.

The blood of the 39 people found dead in the refrigerated lorry yesterday is on the hands of those officials who let this criminal stay, and the BBC activists who publicise his story to others like him.

These deaths would stop if the government enforced some simple rules: If you illegally enter Britain you will NEVER be granted permission to live or work here. You will also NEVER be granted welfare payments, or housing or NHS access. You will be dealt with under criminal law, imprisoned and then deported and permanently blacklisted. No legal aid, no appeals.

Watch the flood dry up over night.


Nearly isn’t good enough you illegal cnt , you need deporting stat


What fucking stopped you... time to deport ...byeeee


"I hope this will show that we should have more responsibility to look after people who have left their homes, their families, everything." I suspect a lot of this was made up by Jennifer Meierhans. This story is a disgrace. We have no responsiblilty for you Abdul. How the hell did this guy get right to remain? Our government is guilty of manslaughter with these terrible policies that encourage others to attempt the journey. This will get worse. F**ing Madness.

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