Police forces that record Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse statistics have seen a large rise.

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Single mothers not being ale to cope. Imagine my shock.

So we basically have government funded single mums who need the police to be the father for them.


Men brought up by women are too emotional and often can not calm themselves because they have never had a father to teach them control.

The government want less thought and more emotion so everything is going to plan.


What happens when people who are not fit to be parents have children? They have to call the POLICE because they can't deal with an ELEVEN year old.

Helen, single mom, no job, child(ren) out of control. The brother is going to hit puberty and be completely done with his sister's shit.

No support? Things you should have thought about before having children, you deserve to suffer for your own irresponsible decisions. How else will you learn Helen? Hopefully if your left to deal with problems of your own creation you will learn a little responsibility. I'm not hopeful, you made these stupid decisions at least twice.

I want figures of single parents vs married couples, and male vs female single parents. Let's see which group are the shittest parents.


But, but, femxnists assured us that raising children, particularly girl children, away from all that Toxic Masculinity would end anger and violence and conflict.

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2019-33-We 07:33:26 am

But, but, femxnists assured us that raising children, particularly girl children, away from all that Toxic Masculinty would end all anger and violence and conflict.


Some of it could be down to autism, I know a family whose autistic child has threatened his parents with scissors too.


Kids aren't stupid. Like Muslims, women, BAME, handicapped and the sexually confused they know they are protected. That protection leads to them being immune from criticism, overly powerful, ultimately untouchable.


Imagine my shock its single mothers having problems keeping their kids in line. And the numbers are going up as single parent ( largely mothers given they get custody in the vast majority of cases) numbers are going up.


oh look, when you froth up a bunch of brainlets and tell them that they have rights, they get violent because they can't reason. imagine my utter fucking shock. stop pandering to brats, young and old, and we'll have way less problems.

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