"We are absolutely broken, but we will survive and carry on for the sake of a wonderful and inspiring man," the family of Sir David Amess say.

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Here it comes. Whenever Diversity™ strikes, it's: "Don't look back in anger", "Say No to hate", "Don't politicise", "Not All".

Whenever it's a white lunatic (like who murdered Jo Cox), it's: "Terrorism", "Whiteness", "Evil ideology", "Something must be done".

His family are obviously shattered, and are being worked on (I mean "supported") by mind-benders.


Just he same old liberal live and let live bullshit, the same bullshit that got him to where he is now... 6 foot fucking under....the thing is 'they' would want eye for an eye and would fight tooth and claw to get it....they also know that they have already won this Island. PATHETIC


Has anyone else noticed the Topic/Tag that Al-Beeb are using for this event. "David Amess death". DEATH - was he killed in a car accident? Did he have a heart attack?

I understand that stricly-speaking thay cannot say "murder" at this point because that's for a court of law, but surely "David Amess KILLING"?

Also, it's already slipping down the News agenda. His body's barely cold yet.

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