A report finds "catastrophic" failures in the way rape cases are investigated and prosecuted.

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This whole article is full of outrageous quotes so it's hard to pick one. I'll go with:

'It revealed cases that were dropped following scrutiny of mobile phone messages which suggested the defendant might have had a "reasonable belief" that the alleged victim consented to sex, despite medical evidence to the contrary.'

Oh, like the *many cases we had last year where men would have been imprisoned but for texts that exonerated them? This is all a response to those. If you can only win by not allowing evidence that proves you lied maybe you're not a good person. Women's special-interest groups don't care about justice, otherwise the Centre for Women's Justice would be the Centre for Justice.


I think being "let down" in rape investigations has been the SNAFU for decades. See also, schoolgirls at the hands of Muslims.


I thought this article was going to be about the Muslim rape gang victims, then i felt really silly because it clearly says "women" not "girls" in the headline.

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