In all of these areas the infection rate is over 100 per 100,000 people, the health secretary says.

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The number of "fines" issued by police is zero.

Listen to this shitcunt waffle on about collectivism, like the good like socialist that he is.

We have to start voting for actual liberal conservatives. Not for the rosette, not for the Dear Leader, for the actual candidate on their actual views.


Why won't everyone just lock themselves away for the good of the NHS?


Got 7 seconds into the clip about the tiers, then i realised that i wasn't a fucking 5 year old and didn't need it explained like that.


Why would you use the term 100 in 100,000? Because of this shit, I now teach my 8 and 9 year old at home. Even they can work out that it's incorrect to use that term, and the only reason you don't use 1 in 1000 is because you are trying to hide absurdity, facts & reality, or you are an actual retard.

~either way these fuckers are telling YOU what to do, and are in no way qualified to do so.

~stop listening and doing just because

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